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Data Management

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Web Hosting

Today the Internet has become an indispensable tool for individuals and organizations. As an individual, we make purchases over the Internet, we do online banking, we surf the web for images, news or videos, we communicate with friends (or make new ones) from a neighboring house, city or a different continent, basically every need that previously required a certain amount of physical effort can now be satisfied over the WWW in a matter of seconds. Businesses are not too far behind either: today's economy is comprised of entities doing business over the Internet, and creating opportunities by connecting with an enormous amount of users. The distance becomes irrelevant and the Internet creates a 24 hour store offering goods and services across the globe.

Tight Promotions understands and leverages the power of the Internet by offering website creation and hosting at competitive rates. Our data center provides services from small scale file hosting to more complex packages that include database support and application development platforms (PHP, Java, etc).

Data Entry

Tight Promotions understands that focusing on core competencies allows companies to be more efficient while outsourcing some of their administrative jobs related to data processing. High volumes of data entry can be completed within short time frames, and cost savings opportunities are almost immediate due to less manpower and associated equipment otherwise needed for data processing. We offer to our customers a wide array of data services including but not limited to data entry, document scanning, Internet research and mail processing.

Types of Data Entry services include:

  • MS Word and Excel
  • Online and Offline
  • Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Web and XML