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At Tight Promotions we study the market in correlation with the customer's needs before defining a strategy. Realizing that every customer is different, we target to identify, satisfy and retain each one within a segmented market governed by similar needs. Our approach takes in consideration, in addition to the traditional approach of satisfying the needs and wants of the customers, a modern tactic solidified on the concepts of partnership (relationship marketing) and environmental awareness (social marketing) while maximizing shareholders value. Contact Us to learn more about our customized marketing techniques.

Online Marketing

Imagine a store that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; no "brick and mortar" and no sales people, an online drive through with endless opportunities. Today's technology is beyond anything we could have imagined decades ago, and the Internet is the epicenter of this world. Google, Facebook, Twitter are only a few of the giants that pioneered ways into this new world wide web but the opportunities are open to everyone. As a company or a private entity, tapping into the power of Internet opens infinite ways to sell a product, service or just pure entertainment. Tight Promotions provides our clients with customized E-Marketing solutions tailored to specific customer needs. We
understand the market segments and are up-to-date with latest trends but only you (our customer) can
provide the ingredients for a successful e-Marketing plan. Your input is key to providing the necessary
energy that fuels the strategy we will develop for you. Our online marketing services consist of a variety
of tools including design, development, advertising and sales as well as search engine optimization,
email and banner ads. In addition, we leverage the benefits of the modern wireless technology to better
penetrate the target markets and achieve maximum return on investment.